We offer an array of services, right from counselling our students to help them chose the right institution in sync with their academic merits, temperament and language proficiency. Once we zero on with what suits them best, we take the next steps in processing their application and then getting their acceptance letters.

After this process, we conduct a one-on-one counselling session about the documentation part that plays a key role in the complete admission life cycle. The next step is to process their documents for visa and accordingly update them about the right status.

This way, we will do our best to help each and every student registered with us to get into the some of the best institutions in the world. Apart from that, we also offer pre-departure information to help our students overcome cultural shock, changing life styles and other linguistic issues, once they set the foot on a foreign land. Last, but not the least, we also help students in case they need support during challenging circumstances.

Career Counselling / Course Selection

With a team of expert counsellors and academicians, who are well experienced in various facets of educational domain, we offer the perfect career counselling services to students, right from choosing the right institution to final admission. Not just that, we even guide students on the right opportunities, which are available to students globally, once they finish their courses. This way, we ensure that students never got lost in the maze of higher education, while helping them focus on their right skills to become job ready, once they graduate.


With students applying to a wide range of universities as per their educational goals and capabilities, we at Edify ensure that students do not fail to choose the right institution, based on their skills and temperament. Needless to say, we have a dedicated admission counselling department, where we advise students to proceed with the right institution, based on various parameters.

Some of the key parameters that we look into include low fee structure, quality of education, availability of scholarships & part time jobs and the job opportunities that students can expect, once they graduate.

Student Visas

Getting a visa to study abroad in an institution of their choice is the dream of every student. We at Edify intend to make this dream true by providing complete assistance with respect to timely processing of visa applications. Students are provided all sort of assistance including the information pertaining to the correct procedures and protocols that are needed to be followed. Apart from that, we also offer advice on the right documentation that needs to be presented and also assist in processing the visa application and co-ordinating the same on student’s behalf at the appropriate office to ensure that everything is on the right track.

This way, we ensure that each and every student registered with us is 100% satisfied with our services and are on their path of achieving their coveted goals. We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. Students are given all information on the correct procedures and protocols including providing advice on the documentation required, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on student’s behalf with the concerned visa office.